School-Enterprise Cooperation

Contemporary college students are hope of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. As the outstanding domestic enterprise, Lonwin Medical is making progress in this great rejuvenation and want to realize the complementary advantages and to jointly cultivate talents for society and market by deep mutual exchanges and cooperation systematically and regularly for a long time, also want to achieve win-win of school-enterprise cooperation by industry-university-research cooperation.

  • 校企合作,朗润拉开新的帷幕
  • 校企合作新模式 共赢发展新高地
  • 校企强强联合 助力双向发展 ——朗润医疗积极与高校开展校企合作项目

Community Health Examination

In order to further improve resident's cognitive skills of their health, improve quality of life with “early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment”, Lonwin Medical provides MRI examination for free for community residents in regular, further enhances the residents' health consciousness and improves their quality of life.

  • 公益健康检查
  • 公益健康检查
  • 公益健康检查

Suzhou Lonwin Medical Systems Co., LTD (Lonwin Medical), with the core business of magnetic resonance (MR) and CT, is a manufacturer and service provider of integrated imaging products for medical diagnosis and treatment. Our product line covers four fields including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), radiography (CT&DR), imaging related products and interventional therapy related products.

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