Lonwin attended the TIHE 2019 in Tashkent

2019-04-25 17:18:43


From 16 to 18, April 2019,the 24th TIHE was held in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. As the largest international professional medical equipment exhibition in the central Asia, Lonwin Medical and other medical equipment manufacturers from all over the world to compete in this exhibition, and assist physicians to looking for value from medical image and its development direction.


Based on MRI, but beyond imaging. To explore the potential needs of users and fully meet their needs is our goal that we has been pursuing and striving to maximize the value of users.

From 1 base to 5 industrial bases covering the whole country; From the Supervan to Supervan Plus and Imperial Jade; From 1 product (MRI) to 4 medical imaging product lines (DR, CT , MRI and ChainZ), and to 3 big business modules (Medical Image Center Construction And Operation, Internet Healthcare and Medical Imaging Equipment), and 2 ecosystem (DUSHU Alliance and Oneheath 100), Lonwin Medical continuously improves serviceand performance, develop the value between clinical diagnosis and images tohelp the doctor exploring the essence.



Therefore, to meet and solve the needs of users, Lonwin Medical develops independently with its own advantages and keen market insight, and also provides solutions from the medical image to cloud platform.

As a new member in the international medical device industry with independent innovation, Lonwin Medical has a number of independent intellectual property rights. The 1.5T MR displayed in this exhibition is its master work.


The Supervan 1.5T showed at this exhibition is an upgraded generation of MR system. Supervan 1.5T equipped the self-developed spectrometer system, to make MRI examination more stable and faster and get better imaging from the core of the system.

Supervan 1.5T provides the precise quantitative solutions, the mLIVE enables the dual quantitative function of fatand iron in the liver on the 1.5T system,it can be judge the degree of fat live and used to do evaluation of therapeutic effect. T1ρ realizes the proteoglycan quantitative analysis in articular cartilage, which can be an accurate judgment of the degradation stage of articular cartilage.


In addition, Supervan 1.5T also has 100s MRA, which adopts compressive sensing technology to screen cerebralvascular malformations rapidly. MRS technology is used to detect the chemical composition and content of brain metabolites. Tornado which is motion artifact technology improves imaging quality.


TIHE 2018 is the debut for Lonwin Medical at the international stage. After that, Lonwin Medical successively participated exhibitions in India, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Arab etc., not only in central Asia, but also in Southeast Asian and other emerging markets to promote the Medical imaging equipment by China's independent R&D.


In the future, Lonwin Medical will continue to attend the similar medical exhibitions in the Commonwealth of the Independent States (CIS) and other regions, so that customers from more countries will know "Lonwin Medical", a professional well-known Chinese manufacturer of medical equipment, and more patients can enjoy the "Magnetic Care" coming from science and technology.


Suzhou Lonwin Medical Systems Co., LTD (Lonwin Medical), with the core business of magnetic resonance (MR) and CT, is a manufacturer and service provider of integrated imaging products for medical diagnosis and treatment. Our product line covers four fields including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), radiography (CT&DR), imaging related products and interventional therapy related products.

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