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2021-05-17 16:22:54



On May 13, the 84th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Fair (CMEF) with the theme of "Innovative Technology Leading the Future" officially kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

At CMEF, Lonwin Medical debuted four new products, including the latest wide bore MR system, SuperMax, A 128-slice high-speed imaging CT platform, Copernicus and two UV disinfection products for imaging equipment--Magic Lamp and Sentry.

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SuperMax, the new wide bore superconducting MR launched in 2020, is designed with a large-aperture magnet. The intelligent mute platform inside achieves full-sequence mute scanning of all parts of the whole body. The combination of full-digital imaging system platform and the latest fifth-generation integrated coils improves sequence and data acquisition speed and achieves faster imaging and higher efficiency.

SuperMax features in scanning comfort that the wide bore allows better patient experience among the elderly, children, the claustrophobic, etc., boosting the examination efficiency. Moreover, a special scanning plan for the obstetrics and paediatrics is available with a specialized infant coil and software package provided.


Lonwin CT Copernicus, with the 128-slice maglev slip ring, performs powerful imaging capability. The ultra-large tube and high speed combined with dual-feedback correction system, create a high-end hardware platform, and meet the imaging requirements for clinical practice. The high performance, high quality and high standard of Lonwin CT Copernicus meets the requirements of coronary artery imaging completely, as well as the comprehensive imaging diagnosis and clinical examination.


Under the global COVID-19 in 2020, Lonwin Medical has actively developed a complete set of professional disinfection solutions for different scenarios in MR and general radiology.

The Disinfection Solutions Series for Imaging Equipment.


Sentry is an intelligent disinfection robot suitable for multiple scenarios. A new generation of liquid alloy UV lamp array is adopted. The ozone-free design and variable gears, along with an intelligent anti-collision system, which immediately set a "VIP space" of the DR/CT and MRI examination rooms.

The delay device in the disinfection product enables starting in fixed time. Enough time will be reserved once the medical staff press the start button, ensuring the departure of the doctor and patient. At the same time, an intelligent human body sensing device is installed, and the light is turned off when people enters the room, which ensures user safety.


Magic Lamp is a specialized MR-compatible disinfection robot. It can instantaneously emit high-intensity ultraviolet rays to destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in microbial cells, so as to achieve complete inactivation of bacteria and viruses.

The ultraviolet lamp array with optimized design of magnetic compatibility enables in-depth MRI equipment aperture disinfection without ozone. The system is ready to operate instantly and no need to preheat.

Within 10 minutes, Magic Lamp achieves the same disinfection effect of conventional ultraviolet light for 30 minutes, replacing the disinfection method of the staff using disinfection wipes, which is safer, more convenient, faster and more efficient.


It is believed that innovation is always the core to address increasingly demanding requirements for imaging and the patient experience.

The 84th China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Fair (CMEF) is about to come to a successful conclusion, but Lonwin Medical will never stop the pace of technological innovation.


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